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After years of doctors appointments, misdiagnosis, continuous decline in health and frustration from “proving” my illness, my Mom (and Caregiver) worked to find “something else” out there. Luckily we found a hospital outside of the country in 1999 that specializes in Live Cell Therapy for Cancers, AIDS, Blood Disease and most recently MS. I have visited this hospital previously and it saved my liver, my kidneys and most importantly my life!

Thanks to the determination of both my mom and I this time around, I am luckily returning to the hospital not as debilitated as I was the first 4 visits. Originally there was little to no support of my mom taking me there back in 1999 due to both geographic location (Tijuana, Mexico) AND because of the non-traditional therapies that the hospital offered. I can’t tell you how many times we heard “What can doctors in Mexico do that the Mayo Clinic can’t do right down the road?” Unfortunately those sentiments still exist in the uneducated minds of the people and family that originally said them. BUT instead of keeping the treatments a secret… I’m going to share them all with you!

Please keep your mind open to other treatments you may not have heard of and follow along on My Medical Journey To Mexico. I’ll be blogging regularly and will have exclusive video coverage with physician interviews and treatment videos for people who subscribe to the Live Treatment Blog Updates via the subscription form.

I’m excited to share this journey with you all in hopes of showing you all that there are treatments out there. While these particular options may not be for you, hopefully they will inspire you enough to find one that is. Open your mind beyond what traditional medicine and physicians recommend and follow my journey to wellness!


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