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As you know, having a chronic illness drastically affects your physical, mental and emotional state of mind. Sometimes you may even wish for emotional betterment over physical! Things that affect “healthy” people can have exponential consequences on the body and mind of someone with CFIDS, CFS, Fibro, and any other chronic illness.

Some of the most common feelings for patients are feeling that no one will want them because they are sick and the loss of self esteem. Well… lets start with this:

Self Esteem

You Are STILL Worth Love! You DESERVE respect. Your illness DOES NOT define you!

While those seem to be easy words to say, feeling them inside while sick is unimaginable most of the time. I know I personally felt hopeless when it came to love. I had been so damaged, angry, broken down and ugly that no one wanted me! You can read the blog I wrote about the fear of “losing it” and never getting “it” back HERE

I became so focused, almost fixated, on what I wasn’t that I neglected to see what I now am; Lindsey version 2.0! I may not be able to do the things I did before when I had old friends, other relationships, previous partners, etc… but I knew I could still have value as what I could do today: hence starting Bent But Not Broken!

Point of that example: I didn’t see my worth, my value, my growth, my knowledge, my health, my heart. Because I had gained weight, not put on makeup in a year, had zero sexual drive, unable to attend events and couldn’t work I thought no one would even be interested in wanting me in any form: friend, partner, sister, daughter, etc. Today I know that is NOT the case.

Don’t constantly compare what you ‘could do’ to what you know are capable of doing. Take a moment to step back and see how strong you are! You are battling everyday. That is a HUGE asset! You are also gaining knowledge about your body, most likely the medical system, treatments, etc. Technically you are narrowing down your search for health just by looking into new things. So you are doing things… may not be what you use to but you DO HAVE VALUE.


We would love to hear from you. Share your comments below to help inspire other CFIDS, CFS, Chronic Illness patients to put a smile on their face… even if it is a brief one.

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