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Today has been a very emotional day here at the hospital. We have become acquainted with several of the other patients and almost feel like we have known each other much longer than the three days we have been here. This morning while in a room with patients getting their Chelation therapy I was given an informal stretching class with instructions from one of the patients, Jenae’ who is here because of tumors on her brain. She is a concert pianist and also a body builder, 53 years young. Her attitude and sense of humor is amazing especially for what she is facing. She has 6 kids and 15 grand kids and a wonderful husband Calvin who attends to her every need. The lessons witnessed and learned here I wish could be shared with so many at home. It truly makes you come back down to earth and realize what is most important.

Harry From Alaska, IBC Patient also

Jenea, Lindsey and I

Why does it take a crisis for us to appreciate each other more and show more kindness to each other?

One of the doctors loves classical music so he is playing the piano music from Jeane’ as well Josh Grobin and a few others. Everyone here is rooting for each other and not knowing a thing about us or our families. It was over whelming for Lindsey today to see the support and cheering section for everyone here.

She asked me, “why is it so hard for other people to understand and offer support back home?” I answered; “maybe you have to be faced with an illness to understand.” I really don’t know, but I also wonder the same thing.

All I know is that there couldn’t be a more welcoming warm environment to come to for help. Patients just meeting each other exchanging addresses and making plans to see each other in the future, even though some don’t have much of a future left in this world. It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of a company as one man is here, or a fisherman from Alaska, a Detective from 9/11, a mother and daughter team from Germany or Lindsey from Arizona, I think we have witnessed more of a family in three days then most have experienced outside of this hospital. This afternoon, Harry, from Alaska is singing with his guitar to Jeane’ while she undergoes another treatment. They are both patients. I couldn’t have brought my daughter to a better place and I am so happy that we are here. The emails from friends back home have meant a lot to her so thank you to all the wonderful friends that have recently been her greatest supporters. Until next time…

Thanks for taking the time to hear our story. We are off for additional treatments this afternoon. I believe that the next treatment will be the Ultra Violet Light blood therapy that cleans and purifies the blood in your body. More medical news to follow tomorrow and in the Treatment Blog Lindsey will be doing (once she can type better).

* We are currently at International BioCare Hospital for Lindsey to get treatment for CFIDS/CFS


What Is CFS/CFIDS? Find Out HERE

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