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From a young age, Lindsey had multiple interests she pursued with passion and fortitude. These passions became Lindsey’s majors in school and professions as she grew in years and maturity.

Lindsey graduated with degrees in Advertising, Promotional Marketing and Political Science.

Deciding to pursue her passion for horses she moved to Del Mar, CA soon after graduating to train horses professionally. In addition to riding and training horses for showing Lindsey was able to start working with disabled children and troubled teens at the equine school. The story she repeatedly recalls was the ability to see a little girl in a wheel chair that had previously shown no emotion except depression, light up at the site of the pony she bonded with. She formed a special friendship with a mini (small horse) that was as equally excited to see the little girl, and one day was able to reach out from her chair with absolutely no help to pet her friend on the nose. The sight brought both Lindsey and the little girl’s family to tears. This marked the beginning of Lindsey’s formal charitable efforts.

Due to ongoing health issues (later diagnosed as CFS/CFIDS), Lindsey was forced to retire from her work with the horses and move  back home to Arizona. With her business skills, internship, and contacts to fall back on she was able to secure a marketing position with ESPN. With her new position, Lindsey directed charitable efforts toward local Phoenix charities such as The Pat Tillman Foundation, SAARC-AZ, Autism Speak-AZ, Boys and Girls Club of Metro Phoenix, The 100 Club and Special Olympics-Equine.

After a few years of being employed by “corporate America” Lindsey decided it was time to forge ahead on her own using the skills developed over the years to create Aquarian Media Group, a digital marketing agency. In addition to growing her newly founded business, Lindsey also secured multiple Board positions and began planning charitable events for Boys and Girls Club of  Metro Phoenix, Horses Help, 100 Club, Gabriel’s Angels, Dress For Success, Veteran’s Tickets Foundation, SAARC of AZ, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and more!

Over the years, Lindsey has been able to incorporate her skills into numerous marketing efforts for these charity events raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. And when asked what she wants to be when she grows up, Lindsey consistent answer is: “To do what I do (digital marketing: social media, website development, internet marketing and event coordination) for non-profits.”

Recently, Lindsey has moved forward with that new passion in life and filed non-profit status for Bent But Not Broken: An emotional, educational & financial resource for patients and their caretakers living with CFIDS. She plans on using her story of battling CFIDS and coming out on top to inspire those still in the trenches of the struggle. By incorporating her mother, who has been her biggest cheerleader, she will also address the lack of resources for caregivers supporting patients with this debilitating disease. In short, Lindsey will become a much needed resource for the disease that has taken a lot out of her and her mother’s lives. She hopes to educate many, empower some & provide direct financial support for as many cases as she can.



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