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Do you sometimes feel like you are STUCK or left with NO ANSWERS in regards to your health? With no “official” answers or a cure available to us, try working on the questions below. You may not be able to answer them right away…. which is actually a good thing! It means you have some room to find more answers inside yourself. If you can answer all these, maybe try digging deeper for some meaningful answers that could possibly provide more depth and meaning to your everyday life.

Whatever you use this list of questions for, I hope you find it useful in your own way and it helps move you through the process of grief and acceptance of your life with a chronic illness.


  • ORIENTING TO YOUR ILLNESS: Where are you in your process; learning to cope? Grieving? Accepting? Living Well?
  • COPING: How are you feeling; depressed? Anxious? Frustrated? Angry? Hopeful? Optimistic? Fearful?
  • UNDERSTANDING: What do you believe caused your illness? Have you figured out activities or behaviors you do that help or hinder your progress?
  • MOTIVATION: Do you have someone that helps you build confidence in managing your care? Note: This is very different than having someone listen to complaining or tears
  • MEDICATION: Do you know what medications and supplements to take when? If you forget, do you have reminders set in place? Suggestion: Try available mobile apps or watch timers
  • DIET/NUTRITION: Do you know what foods cause inflammation in your body? Do you have known food allergies? Do you eat the right diet for your condition?
  • PREVENTING FLARE UPS: Do you pace yourself? Do the proper amount and exertion level of exercise for your body’s current condition? Do you change your exercise routine to vary body movements and muscles exercised?
  • SLEEP: How much are you actually sleeping (different than time spent in bed)? Do you know if you achieve R.E.M. sleep? Do you feel insomnia tendencies?
  • POWER OF TOUCH: Do you give and receive physical touch? See blog on Power of Touch 
  • STRESS MANAGEMENT: Do you have a way to relieve stress? Emotional tension? Have you thought about ways to be proactive or prevent stressful situations?
  • LIFESTYLE: Are there aspects of your life that you could de-stress or de-clutter? Finances, Living situation, Legal forms or disability? Medical bills?
  • FIND MEANING: Have you found a new purpose or passion in your life? Are you still pursuing the same goals you had before you became ill?


Let us know what you find useful about these questions and if they help you find some of the answers you are looking for! Please feel free to add to the questions with things you’ve found useful in your own life!!!

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