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Holidays can be more daunting than joyful when you are battling an illness inside of you. Coming from a big family myself, BELIEVE ME, I understand! I’ve come up with some tips that you may find helpful you through this stressful time of year. These won’t “fix” your health, but will certainly help your emotional state.

  • BE HONEST, DON’T LIE – Don’t come up with excuses or lies if you don’t feel well enough to make an event. Lies most likely will come back to haunt you and discredit your absences┬álater
  • BE REALISTIC, DON”T OVER COMMIT – Don’t say yes to every invitation. Holidays are jammed packed even for those with a surplus of energy! Evaluate the time commitments of each event and budget what you can handle
  • DON”T BE HARD ON YOURSELF – If you are honest with your friends/family/event hosts about why you cannot make it, there is no reason to feel ashamed that you aren’t up for the party. Most important part is you being able to be OK with not being at everything
  • BE GRATEFUL – Remember the things you ARE able to attend, the things you CAN do everyday. If you are reading this and think there is no hope, you are still breathing so you still have life…which is more than some have. If you can only make it to one holiday event, then be grateful for that and make the absolute most of that time. Stuck in bed? Watch your favorite movie and be happy that you are alive to see another festive season.
  • NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE HOMEMADE – Yes in a perfect world, we all make our best dish to take to dinner. We decorate our homes and make festive wreaths. We use all organic ingredients and our most creative garnishes. Wellllll….that can’t always happen when you just don’t have the energy to make it to the store AND bake/decorate/do dishes, etc. REMEMBER: They invited YOU not your casserole!

Not everyone will always understand where you are coming from. And in all honesty, if you haven’t supplied them information about your illness for them to process, why would they understand? And if they DO have the correct information and still don’t understand your absence…then you shouldn’t allow their opinion to bring you down.

As we all know, you can’t please everyone. So make sure you are comfortable with your commitments. The people that belong in your life with understand if you miss out on something and will most likely get together with you again once you feel better.

Happy Holidays everyone. And don’t forget…. SMILE!

Xmas 2011


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