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Hard to have a balanced diet when you’re too tired to grocery shop and the idea of cooking exhausts you….right? I personally have food allergies as well so that makes it even harder to find foods! Fueling your body with the proper nutrition to get the best possible results is crucial. If you are taking medications or going through treatments for CFS/ME and/or CFIDS, you can’t expect to have any of those things work without putting clean things into your body. SO… how do you get your daily dose of protein and why is it important?

According to WebMD, Women should get 46 grams or protein and men should intake 56grams.

To give you an idea of how much that is, a 4 oz chicken breast contains 30-35 grams, 1 large eggs has 6grams and 1/4 cup of almonds has 8grams

I eat mostly snack foods as it is hard to cook meals. However getting a daily dose of protein when you have CFIDS, weakened immune system, CFS/ME or other autoimmune diseases, it is especially important to have a clean source of protein. Dr.Oz sums up the lack of protein well by stating “If you get too little protein, you can suffer from fatigue, weakness or muscle loss. Your metabolism slows down and you put yourself at risk of gaining weight. It also weakens your immune system.”

My FAV new way to get my daily protein is Pea Protein! It’s quick, easy, healthy and tastes good! Plus it’s low in sugar. Since I have a gluten and dairy allergy it was hard to find one that didn’t give me a negative reaction, cause bloating or stomach cramping. I found Nutrasumma’s Pea Protein and LOVE IT!

pea protein

choc proteinHere are a few facts about the pea protein from Nutrasumma:

  • 100% Vegan Source
  • Always source Non-GMO ingredients
  • Gluten Free
  • 20 grams of protein per scoop!

Supplements can be expensive so sometimes it comes down to having to choose which ones to use on a daily basis. My “must-haves” are Summalean and the Pea Protein powder. I wrote a review of Summalean and how it helps with energy HERE.


Check out the difference between pea protein and whey protein

We are working on getting all our followers a discount code so you can save some money on their supplements. Stay tuned!

Would love to hear what type of supplements you take on a daily basis. Let us know in the comments section>

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