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** Featured Image: Lindsey & her companion: Sebastian (aka Mr. Sebastian to the general public). Sebastian has been at Lindsey’s side for almost 11 years, comforting her in her times of darkness, continuing to make her smile (and sneeze) when she is down.

You are sick. You know that, your family/spouse knows that, and now your friends & co-workers know it too.

It doesn’t matter what kind of “sick.” It could be with the flu, a disease, cancer or with CFIDS/CFS. The point is you feel like crap, and don’t want to see anyone… mainly because you don’t have the effort to put on the “show.”

Your home may be a mess, you might have stayed in your PJs for days. Heck! You might not have even taken a shower since the earth has gone around the sun the past two or three times. You feel like crap but are so sick and tired of movies, books, music, and most of all solitude. While you don’t want to be alone, you also don’t have the energy to go out.

Your friends are calling. Texting. Emailing. Tweeting. Facebooking… and you are carrying on a conversation that way because you can. It is easy. They don’t have to see you and your fingers typing or texting takes less energy than getting out of bed, dressed and putting on the “show” we all do sometimes to hide our illness. So friends learn that you won’t be coming to the next happy hour, guys golf trip or ladies night out… but then they ask if they can come over.

You really don’t want to see anyone. You don’t want to carry on the conversation of “How are you?” when you really feel like death and no one is going to understand. You get tired of saying “Fine” in response to everything and can feel the awkwardness when friends ask if they can do anything. You don’t want to try to put on the cheery face. You don’t need the sympathy and you sure don’t need them telling everyone else how sorry they feel for you. So what to do? Sounds like purgatory right?

But then there is that nudge of a head on your foot…that wag of a tail, furriness bursting into the room and jumping on your bed just waiting to give you an extra kiss and big mouth full of hair!  :-)

dog & cat-150x150It is your companion. The one that doesn’t care if you are crying your eyes out because they will lick the tears away, or sit on your lap and to try and console you. They are the ones who don’t care if you smell, if you haven’t shaved, if you haven’t put on your clothes or even taken a shower. They know you take care of them, love them and will look out for them, even if you are having a bad day/week/month/year.

There is a reason why many pets and their owners go through pet therapy certification each day. Your pet doesn’t need to be “certified” to improve your day, be your companion, or show you the love that you so deeply desire when you are all alone feeling horrible.

Pet’s don’t judge. You can even scold them and they get over it in less than 60 seconds. They don’t hold grudges, they don’t throw tantrums, they don’t tell you you are wrong or what to do. They just lick away your tears, cuddle with you and love you.

Pets can be an amazing help to many who are chronically ill. There is a saying, “Be the human your dog (cat) thinks you are!” (Unknown). It is true. They know you-your life, your routine, your happiness and sorrow. Whether you are gone for 5 minutes or 5 days they will always be excited to see you. They hold all your secretes, they don’t try to fix anything – they are just there – and most importantly, they won’t leave you when you are having “sick days”.

Pets have no concept if you look good that day or not. Heck, my dog Rocco thinks it is the perfect time to go for a walk when I get out of the shower and don’t have any clothes on! LOL…they don’t care. The only think they care about is YOU.

Let your pets help YOU through your difficult time. Let them be your companion, your confidant, your crying fluffy rug. Believe it or not, they live their life to please YOU. So do them a favor, let them achieve their life goal.


Bellas-Blog-150x150The author, Bella Vasta is the Pack Leader for the Nationally award winning Bella’s  House and Pet Sitting in Scottsdale, AZ. She has been around pets all her life and understands the bond between the human and pets.

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