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1. Bent But Not Broken Is Started And Driven By A Patient Who is Affected By CFIDS / CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

This isn’t an organization with costly administration fees or a bunch of people sitting in a high rise office in the city. This is Lindsey Beres and her board, meeting in a different board members living room each month sitting on the floor, tables, or random chairs brought into the room. All there, donating their time because they have seen the effect  CFIDS has had on Lindsey and what an incredible movement she is making in the world already!

“Bent But Not Broken (BBNB) has provided such much support to my son and I while going through a hard period in our lives. Within 2 years of officially being diagnosed with CFS, my husband had left my son and I to fend for ourselves. I was bedridden and unable to care for either of us. The task of filing for disability seemed too daunting of a task. BBNB became my daily source for positive thoughts and created a momentum in my life that empowered me to look at our situation from another angle. I was able to take charge to create a flourishing life for my son while I continue to seek treatment. Without the positive impact of BBNB I would be living in a very dark (and sick) place.”

2. We Are Just Starting And Need Your Help

“Danielle, would you grab the chair from the kitchen and bring it in here?”
“Home made chili is done! Everyone ready to settle in for the next two hours for our meeting? I know you all have had a long day at work” These are just some of the things you will hear if you were a fly on the wall at a BBNB meeting.

These volunteers are working hard to get this non profit off the ground. Bent But Not Broken (BBNB)  was established in April 2012 by Lindsey Beres, a patient affected by CFIDS. She has fought a hard battle against this disease for 13 years leading her from health hospice. Lindsey has bounced back and is standing up to this disease and gathering the world around her. To be a part of this from the ground up would make your mark on fighting a battle against a disease that is not widely acknowledged yet.


3. There Is No Existing Support Structure So You Would Be A Pioneer In Supporting BBNB!

CFIDS / CFS is not a new disease by any means, but is now affecting a growing number of people (over 1 million in the U.S.) and there is little support for those suffering from it. BBNB is one of the FIRST nonprofits to provide support directly to patients that they cannot get through other assistance programs.

How neat would it be to know that you were a pivotal part in helping BBNB with it’s start? We have a goal to raise $100,000 in 2013!!! The Board is working hard to get companies to donate and sponsor some of our quarterly events. You could forever have bragging rights that say “I backed a organization who works the hardest to make a difference in the world.“ We would be honored if you considered a monetary donation of support.


Please help us make a difference and DONATE NOW


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