Our mission is to provide emotional, educational and financial resources to patients and their caregivers living with CFS/CFIDS. Thanks to generous donations from people like you, we are able to to assist patients with treatment costs and caregivers with daily living costs.

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Where Exactly Does My Donation Go?

Simply put, to either a patient struggling with CFS/CFIDS treatment costs or a caregiver taking on the costs of assisting a CFS/CFIDS patient.

Patients commonly face mounting medical costs in just obtaining a diagnosis! Due to the chronic nature of this disease, a significant amount of money is necessary for ongoing treatment. In many cases, all available funds and financial assistance options have been exhausted leaving little money left for constant therapies to keep the patient stable. Issues with insurance companies not recognizing treatments needed and assistance programs like disability and PAPs not fully assisting in naturopathic treatments are unfortunately very common.

We aim to help the patients that have either identified a treatment that works for them but cannot afford it, or those struggling with on-going maintenance costs of therapies that help them keep fighting the disease on a daily base.

Caregivers are the angels that allow the patients to keep fighting everyday. Unfortunately with their amazing dedication and support comes financial hardship. In many cases the mother/father/spouse or family member caring for the patient also have children or others relying on them for time and financial assistance as well! Whether the caregiver is a mom with other children to care for, a spouse with a household they are responsible for or a parent that has living costs of their own… caregivers are putting their own expenses to the back burner to care for patients. We aim to be able to ease the financial burden of these amazingly generous caregivers.