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I am so proud to have Nikki Padilla, Founder of Flora Apothecary, as a part of the network of healthy-minded businesses that will support patients with CFIDS/CFS/ME! Her outlook on healing the mind, body & soul includes leading an “organic lifestyle” by only putting healthy & organic ingredients in and on her body. This includes her diet, cosmetics, bath products and more! Through living that lifestyle personally, she has a firm grasp on the healthiest ingredients available and how they can make a difference in people’s lives.

This directly applies to patients with CFIDS/CFS/ME as many of us develop allergies to foods, pollen, scents, toxins, common chemicals and sometimes even develop skin sensitivities! I know when my CFIDS came out of remission this past year, my hormones went whacky! My face drastically broke out, I became allergic to my lil man (Sebastian), the lotion I had used for years now caused me to itch and the mere smell of my perfume nauseated me! I bounced from brand to brand trying to find one that had the following attributes:

* Affordable      * Actually works      * Feels like a quality brand, not watery      *Still delivers results      *Doesn’t affect new allergies

I am so happy to say that Flora Apothecary’s line of products adhere to not only the things listed above but exceeded my expectations for an affordable, organic product that is actually good for me! I’ll let Nikki tell you about her product below, but if you are experiencing any of the things I described above, I would HIGHLY recommend trying her soaps, facial elixirs, candles and MORE! All available via her etsy site! 


THANKFULLY “organic” has become all the rage over the past few moths. This is one rage that everyone, of all ages, races, etc. should partake in. There is a simple saying that goes: “If you do not have health, you do not have anything.” This is more true than most of us are willing to accept. What is health to you? Is it living however you want, and when you get sick going to the doctor to mask your symptoms? Or is it making conscious decision about what you are putting in and on your body to be as preventive as possible?

We have the choice to make the decisions on what to put in and on our bodies. My suggestion is to choose healthier options that won’t make any conditions you may experience any worse by polluting your body with more toxins and artificial chemicals. Make sure that everything you eat and put on your body is something that you believe in. Make sure that you can pronounce the ingredients on the labels. If you can’t, why would you trust that its okay to consume?

Back-to-basics is a great rule of thumb. Back to the basics that our grandparents and their grandparents lived by. Yes, they may have lived this way out of necessity, but with the rate that our food is being chemically altered, we need to live this way out of necessity of not poisoning ourselves. What you put in your body and on your skin has a great impact on your overall health.

From Nikki:

Flora Apothecary believes in all-natural and created products with you in mind. This line was created for the vegans of the world, for the gluten-free lovers of the world, and most importantly for everyone to know that you can have a luxurious bath product that is actually good for you and can aid in many of the symptoms Lindsey has described to me about CFIDS/CFS, Fibro and more.

Our mission is to bring to you an artisan body product line that is clean, simple, and affordable. After years trial and errors we have formulated the perfect scents and combinations to promote inner healing and outside beauty through aromatherapy.

Flora Apothecary products are handmade, vegan, all-natural, and cruelty-free. There are no harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, petroleum products, or artificial colorants. You can feel good knowing Flora Apothecary is good for you… mind, body and soul.

Every ingredient used in Flora Apothecary is from the earth in its most natural state. We are focused on providing you with a healthy, safe, and luxurious product. We are aiming our attentions to that whole “back to basics” motto. By combining natural ingredients with healing oils, Flora Apothecary is revolutionzing the bath and body product market.

We invite you to try out our line :) Your skin will thank you!


(Lindsey, Nancy & Flora Apothecary Founder Nikki Padilla)

Thanks for the article Nikki! Connect with Nikki and Flora Apothecary at the following places:

Flora Apothecary Facebook

Flora Apothecary Website

Flora Apothecary Blogspot

Flora Etsy Shop

Flora Twitter


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