Have questions about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Wonder where your money goes when donating to our charity? Find all your answers about our nonprofit and CFS patient and caregiver assistance here


Q: Why Was BBNB created?

A: Our mission is to: “Provide emotional, education, and financial resources to patients and their caregivers living with CFS/CFIDS.” (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome)
I (Founder, Lindsey Beres) have lived with CFIDS for over 14 years and kept it silent from most people in my life. I felt like I could always beat it or had it under control until the most recent time it came out of remission. I looked online for financial assistance but couldn’t find anything outside of PAPs (Prescription Assistance Programs), Disability or private grants. I have a hard time taking any money or sympathy from anyone but at this time in my life I finally needed more help than what my parents could afford. Not finding any resources available for that funding, I decided to create one!

Q: How does BBNB help patients and caregivers?

A: We strive to provide a list of credible resources for educational supports and enlist multiple industry bloggers to help us write weekly blogs for support to patients on all sorts of topics. For financial assistance, we allow patients to apply for medical aid and caregivers to apply for day to day care assistance through an application on our site. Based on the funds we have available to disburse we will try and help applicants cover mounting medical bills, get a test/diagnostic they’ve been wanting to get done, seek treatment, pay rent, assist with childcare bills, and more.

Q: What is CFS / CFIDS?

A: Seems like that answer is always a long one. We have a page dedicated to it here!

Q: Do you only help people with CFS/CFIDS?

A: While our emotional and educational resources may overlap with some other illnesses, our financial aid is reserved only for those that have been diagnosed with CFS / CFIDS.

Q: When was BBNB founded?

A: March 2012 was our official start as a 501c3.

Q: How is BBNB funded?

A: Right now our only source of funding in private donations online and through events we hold

Q: Who runs BBNB?

A: We have an Advisory Board, Executive Board and a Volunteer Board that all work together to make sure we are holding great events, raising money and staying within the regulations of being a 501c3


Q: Can I donate online?

A: Absolutely! You can use your credit card or paypal account to donate directly on our site

Q: Does BBNB sell, rent or give donor or patient information to any other entities?

A: No. We will never give away any information to any entity for any reason.

Q: Is BBNB a 501c3 and can I get a tax deduction for donating?

A: Yes, BBNB is a 501c3. While we recommend working with your accountant on tax preparation, we are classified for you to be able to get deductions.

Q: Where does my donation go and how much is used for patients and caregivers?

A: Simply put, to either a patient struggling with CFS/CFIDS treatment costs or a caregiver taking on the costs of assisting a CFS/CFIDS patient.
Patients commonly face mounting medical costs in just obtaining a diagnosis! Due to the chronic nature of this disease, a significant amount of money is necessary for ongoing treatment. We aim to help the patients that have either identified a treatment that works for them but cannot afford it, or those struggling with on-going maintenance costs of therapies that help them keep fighting the disease on a daily base.
Caregivers are the angels that allow the patients to keep fighting everyday. Unfortunately with their amazing dedication and support comes financial hardship. We aim to be able to ease the financial burden of these amazingly generous caregivers.

Q: How much should I donate?

A: In all honesty, any amount helps! If you cannot afford to donate more than $5, then try to get 20 of your friends to also donate $5 and all of a sudden you have a more sizeable donation!

Q: Do you have monthly giving programs where the money can be automatically deducted?

A: Yes we do! We can deduct the monthly/quarterly donation directly from your debit card or credit card. Please contact Lindsey directly to set this up.

Q: Do you have corporate giving opportunities?

A: Absolutely! For any sizeable donations made from corporations, please contact Lindsey directly so the appropriate documentation can be swiftly provided.


Q: Are there volunteer opportunities with BBNB?

A: As of right now, our only opportunities are to assist with events. The patients base we serve is located all over the country and we rarely actually meet the patients we assist.

Q: Can I hold events of my own to benefit BBNB?

A: Absolutely! BBNB can help you develop any fliers/marketing collateral you may need to help support your event. We will also ship you some of our marketing collateral to have on hand. If you are interested in hosting your own event, please contact Lindsey directly.

Q: How can I stay connected to BBNB for updates and info?

A: We have a newsletter sign up on our site as well as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube platforms that we are always posting on. You can click on the social media icons on our site and connect with us there anytime

Q: If I choose to “chronicle my journey”, what does that entail?

A: This is a great therapy for the patient as well as helpful in showing other patients out there that they are not alone. The details you share would be up to, but a bi-monthly check in with updates on either your physical condition or emotional strife you face would be transferred into a blog format and shared with the BBNB followers. If you feel this would be a good opportunity for you, please let us know.


Q: Does BBNB have any sponsors?

A: Yes. Our title sponsor is CanIEatHere.com. We also have a number of food partners that supply gluten-free food for all out events. We are always looking for other brands and companies to associate our charity with. If you know a company that may be a good fit please let us know.

Q: What kind of sponsors is BBNB looking for?

A: Traditionally companies that would be a good fit or that patients and caregivers may use. Being that we are a national charity, we would ideally like companies that also have a national presence. The following categories may serve as a guideline:

  • Vitamin/Supplement companies
  • National gyms or yoga studios
  • Hypobaric Oxygen chamber providers
  • Financial Institutions that handle loans
  • Healthy restaurants
  • Insurance Agents with experience regarding CFS/CFIDS
  • Active Wear/ Yoga Clothing companies
  • Disability Lawyers
  • Media Partners
  • Movie (rental and theater) chains


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