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We arrived at the Bio Care Hospital and Health Center in Tijuana, Mexico, located 25 miles from the San Diego Airport.

Lindsey in lobby upon arrival

Lindsey and I checked into the hospital Saturday. We were greeted by our nurse and the doctor on call for the evening. They took us to the room where we would spend the next two weeks and to my surprise, it was the same room we were both in 2004. After a discussion with the doctor they began treatment right away with the Chelation Therapy- EDTA Chelation Treatments is administered intravenously for the removal of toxic, heavy metals and minerals as part of a detoxification program. It also improves circulation, enhances the immune system and helps to eliminate free radicals in the blood.

The hospital only has 25 in-patient rooms with many people staying in nearby apartments or hotels and coming to the hospital daily for treatments. Everyone here has become family right away! All of us have come to this amazing hospital because we have tried so many other options with no results in our own countries. Everyone here has faced the questions of “why Mexico, why Tijuana, why not in your own country. Are you crazy?” along with the disapproval of family and friends who can’t understand why you are choosing this course of treatment. It doesn’t matter anymore to any of us because we are all here to get better or to find a reason for an illness that doctors back home couldn’t find, diagnose, treat or cure.

IBC Hospital has been an oasis for so many who have gone through so much before even getting here. Just today we met Calvin and his wife Jenae’ from Washington who are here because she has several brain tumors deemed untreatable by brain specialists in the U.S. A couple from Lindenhurst, NY are here to help the husband’s cancer, which developed soon after 9/11. He was a police detective pawing through rubble to save people with little to no protection from the harsh chemicals and has now developed cancer. He has some of the best medical insurance in the country and no one could help him! One of his buddies came here before him with the same cancer from 9/11 and he is now a healthy man with a new lease on life. He is hoping for the same results. We also met Harry from Alaska who has Leukemia (CLL). He has been here three weeks for treatment and says he feels the difference and is very positive. He is kind of the resident caretaker of the patients and knows everyone and why they are here. He filled Lindsey and I in tonight on just about everyone’s condition. Jenae’, the woman from Washington State was a body builder and fitness competitor and has raised a huge family of 6 children and 15 grandkids and is only 53! She is in a fight for her life against multiple brain tumors here and feels that she will win. Her husband’s father was treated by a Founding Physician of IBC Hospital in Greece many years ago and is still sharing a wonderful, healthy life with them now, so they have firsthand knowledge of how much the treatment options here save lives. Another couple from Miami, FL are here not because they have a disease or illness, but because they are practicing preventive health care. They are doing Chelation therapy among other treatments to cleanse their bodies while they are here. Lots more people here too from Madison, WI, Pennsylvania, Germany and probably even more we haven’t met yet.

Everyone is very open about their illness so far and willing to share what they have experienced either back home or while they have been here. The detective from NY was in obvious pain at dinner but tried to join in and share when he could. There are people from all over the world that somehow find the Bio Care Hospital and it’s amazing to hear all the success stories. The staff is aware that if you have come here, you have most likely been to many other doctors and tried many other options. This is the final try for most that end up here. Fortunately, they leave with a new lease on life or at least more options than when they first arrived.

Tomorrow morning we will meet with Dr. Vazquez (he was actually Lindsey’s doctor when we were here last time). Most of the doctors and nurses that are here have been here for a decades and there are always specialists that come and spend time studying and practicing their specialties from around the world. I’ll continue my blog tomorrow after a full day of treatments and more stories to tell. It is such a different environment to be surrounded by people who accept without question why you are here.

There is no judgment here, only hope that is immediately apparent from patients and staff alike for better health for everyone here. It was a good day.

Harry, Calvin, Jeane’ and Lindsey

Front Patio at IBC Hospital

Patio Outside Treatment Rooms

Nancy taking notes on all of Lindsey’s treatments

Lindsey and new IBC friend from Miami

Lindsey’s 1st Chelation Treatment of our stay

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