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Below are some questions I asked Founder of Bio Care Hospital, Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez, to answer personally. After a couple rounds of an informational exchange we were able to put things in easy to understand terms that anyone can read; informed or not. We hope these answers will help you, your caregivers or anyone else that you’d like to send the information to.

If you have any questions you’d like answered, please comment below and we will get them answered as best we can. Happy Reading!

**Dr. Rodrigo uses English as a second language so there may be a few words here and there that are used in the wrong context. I have NOT altered his responses in any way in order to preserve his intentions of a description.**

**This blog is NOT meant to be medically descriptive in nature, rather a “lamens-terms” description that can be passed to even the most uneducated person reading about CFS / CFIDS. Medical specifics can be addressed on a person by person basis. Please leave a comment with your question**

  1. Why is CFS not considered an autoimmune disease? Is it classified as a virus?

    CFS can be considered as a dysfunctional immune syndrome. Dysfunctional because is the result an immune system that does not do what it is supposed to do: it’s slow, non reactive, non vigilant. Syndrome because it is a group of signs and symptoms that present themselves together in different individuals. It is not a viral disease because viral activity is the result of the above, not the reason. Most viral aspects of CFS are viruses that normally live in our environment and even in our bodies, like EBV but due to immunity they are kept at bay, but when immune function goes down they prosper and show themselves, making them a diagnostic tool for immune dysfunction. This is also true for other microbial forms like fungus as is the case of candida. In short, viral and microbial activity are the result of, not the cause of CFS.

    CFS is the result of an abnormal development of the immune system which is handicapped by conditions in childhood that inhibit its healthy growth and maturation. Children who live is very clean environments tend to have lesser immune experience during their development. Take for example a child being brought up in a city apartment with poor contact to nature and surrounded by chemical substances and fumes, versus a child in the country side environment. (This is a drastic example but you can see the point).

    Development and maturation of the immune system is connected to healthy development of the intestinal flora which is constantly attacked by the frequent, many times irrational use of antibiotic therapies for all kinds of minor problems in children. Poor nutritional practices eliminate from our diet bran, fiber and other valuable products that help the intestinal track develop a good lining with healthy and active villi. Put the two together and you have a complicated immune system, unable to react normally and responsible for the presence of opportunistic infections that take advantage of the inability to fight them off the body. Opportunistic infections then become an important component of the syndrome and part of the diagnostic resources. A syndrome then can be integrated with the presence of immune dysfunction and the presence of an opportunistic infection.
    Viral infections are some of the most common microbial factors in the syndrome and easier to diagnose and document through laboratory testing that is why their presence is so connected to the syndrome but they are only contributing factors to the symptoms and NOT the original cause of the problem. In the presence of a healthy immune system, they would not be active as happens in most of us, we do in fact host viral forms in our body with no disease, but as our immune gets depressed, then they take the opportunity (opportunistic infections) and develop and create symptoms and disease. When our immunity gets low as it happens in many debilitating diseases, viruses get active. A good example Herpes in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or with HIV or even simpler under stress.

    An abnormal development of the immune system can lead to CFS or autoimmunity, however in the later there are more obscure, unidentified mechanisms that change the way our immune system works. In CFS you have a depleted, poorly working immunity, in autoimmunity you have and abnormal, very reactive immune system that acts against self components and tissues, furthermore there seems to be a specific target all the time, like the myelin sheath in MS or connective tissue in lupus or other collagen diseases. Autoimmunity is far more complex and in general harder to bring under control. Epidemiological aspects are also different, CFS seems to happen earlier in life and targets women in most or the cases, autoimmunity happens later and even though has a prevalence with women, men can also suffer its effects, particularly in the case of MS.

  2. What is in the Chelation Therapy bags and how does the detoxification process contribute to Bio Care Hospital’s ability to effectively treat CFS?

    Chelation therapy is derived from the Greek and means claw and refers to a chemical action that denotes the action of specific molecules like EDTA to catch from two different points an atom or molecule. The action of EDTA in general terms is to “grab” heavy metals like lead and bring them along out of the body through the kidney. The effectiveness of chelation is then the detoxification effect on heavy metals. There is also in the same solution what I call the unsung hero of the therapy, this is Heparin. Heparin is a very active substance metabolically speaking, it can help to move fat deposits, helps the liver to detoxify and helps to increase blood flow. It has in itself many good effects that can help the body to function better and detoxify faster. The added advantage of good mineral and vitamin supplementation that are part of the chelation protocol have to be praised as well in the wellbeing effect for the patient.

    In the US chelation like every thing else in medicine has a rigid protocol in our hospital we can make changes, like vary the dose of EDTA, or specific trace mineral, or the volume of the solution, etc. And those changes obey to specific conditions of the patient.

  3. Is the detoxification process different for everyone based on their medications and severity of illness?

    In general our detoxification programs have a lot in common, but of course some individuals show conditions where diet, toxic habits or exposure to chemical or even previous damage by diseases previously hosted by the individual we make us take a different look at the program and introduce some modalities or modify in intensity the ones in progress.

  4. Why does Live Cell Therapy seem to help so effectively with CFS? Is everyone a candidate?

    Live cells have shown through decades that they can intervene in many metabolic processes and functions helping to program cell activities that were slow or block for different reasons. Live cells administered to the body will not perform any of the functions of the organ they represent, but have an affinity to that organ and re-program or re-boot so to speak metabolic activity. This is particularly true in immune, endocrine, heart and brain functions.

    In general Live Cell therapy or cell extracts or thymus derivatives would be part of any program where you want to enhance immune activity and of course intestinal health would be part of the same effort

  5. How do you decide which live cells are best for each individual patient and is the quantity different for everyone?

    You can deduct from the information in the previous answer, that we program the cells according to the functions we want to support. In the CFS patient, immune organ cells are a priority, this might include intestinal track and reading my answer to the first question you can understand that this organ plays a major role in the CFS origin. Cells come in fixed amount per dose so every one will receive the same amount of a given organ, but again depending on the diagnosis we can use repeated administration of on organ in one admission as is the case of some heart conditions that will get several doses of the heart cells.

  6. Why are some CFS patients candidates for stem cell therapies and some not?

    One of the preconditions for successful grafting of stem cells is that the patient is in the best shape possible. If the patient is very toxic or has concurrent health problems it is always ideal to bring the patient’s clinical condition to the better shape possible before attempting the stem cells. On the other hand some other patients respond very well to the program and
    then we postpone this modality few years.

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One Response to “Answers About CFS: Treatments and Origins”

  1. Lynn Chiodo

    Thank you for the opportunity to ask you a question Dr. Rodriguez. If my doctor has just diagnosed me with chronic Mono and says I have EBV, what can I ask her so I can know if I have CFS? I can barely function just in my home life and have so much trouble with concentration that I cannot get anything accomplished. I have been unable to build up my strength because I just keep having one problem after another. The last year and 6 months I have deteriorated so much that I have to ask for help in all daily activities. I have suffered with Herpes outbreaks for the last two months, as well, and I was tested twice. Both times it was confirmed that I did not have an STD. I was recently divorced (6/2011) after 28 years and my exhusband told me he had started dating immediately after our separation…I was very stressed. This was in the beginning of September that I experienced the Herpes outbreak. I began taking antivirals about 40 days ago and it has helped to clear the ulcerations. I had been bedridden with the first Herpes episode with flu like symptoms. I was so weak already, I have fibromyalgia and chronic pain from ruptured lumbar discs and neck fusion surgery this last year. I have gone a bit off topic … sorry. What can you tell me to ask my Dr. ?


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