Looking for a new way to give back to your community? Interested in supporting Our Mission? Or just interested in meeting new like-minded corporate & charitable people? JOIN US!


Group of motivated, ambitious, charitable business owners and members of the corporate community in Phoenix, AZ. We don’t strive to be a large, big-box type charity with galas, big offices, national media campaigns, etc. Rather, we work hard to raise funds and gain resources to help patients TODAY.

We have a great time working together towards our common goals and aren’t afraid of team happy hours. We celebrate our victories, however small or large they may be, and continue moving forward to grow our resources and opportunities as a charity.


We are not the typical large corporate charity board, nor do we want to be. So if you’re looking for something that is run like a dictatorship, we are not for you! We make sure everyone’s ideas are heard and each board members is working in an area that suits their strengths so they genuinely enjoy what they are doing. Here are some reasons to consider joining our board:

  • – Give back… duh!
  • – Exciting and original events throughout the year
  • – Ability to be heard and develop new programs
  • – Meet other corporate board members and network with business opportunities (yes we all have real jobs and need to┬ápay the bills)
  • – Get in on the bottom level of a charity that is growing rapidly to serve a large subset of Americans with no other means for assistance beyond what BBNB can provide
  • – Time and financial commitment are reasonable and much less than that or a larger organization


We have a membership agreement that everyone signs acknowledging that they are aware of what their role is within the board and the minimum requirements that entails. Positions range from 5-10 hours monthly, which includes a monthly board meeting. If you are interested in learning more about our requirements for joining, please contact Jennifer Rojas at