Our mission is to: Provide Emotional, Educational & Financial Resources to Patients AND Their Caregivers Living With CFIDS/CFS

The financial assistance our Foundation awards provides patients the resources that are not available through insurance, government grants or traditional channels.   It also provides caregivers  with the ability to continue supporting, which is often a life-altering process.

Emotional Resources include things like:

  • Videos for patients & caretakers to forward to friends, family & other people in their lives explaining what the disease is, how it affects them, what people can do to help (or not do) and how they will cope moving forward.
  • Therapy information (traditional and non-traditional) and resources for things that can help patients or caregivers brighten up their gloomy day or assist in their long and exhausting fight against CFIDS/CFS.
  • Patient & caregiver community forums and user profile area where BOTH patients & caregivers can connect with others that may be in similar positions
  • Music, quotes and pictures to help brighten anyone’s day

Educational Resources include but are not limited to some of the following:

  • Current information and articles on industry research
  • Suggested reading along with reviews of the books/articles straight from Lindsey and Nancy themselves!
  • Other CFIDS/CFS forums, tools, sites, etc
  • Alternative therapy options
  • Strategies and Adjustments to Ease Symptoms: nutritional, supplements, food allergy, etc. info

Financial Resources will be what make us stand apart from the other CFS/CFIDS sites. It will include:

  • Application process for patients & caregivers to fill out for financial assistance
  • Disability information on requirements and how to obtain government assistance if patient qualifies