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So far my journey at the International Bio Care Hospital has been a successful one both physically and mentally. I would like to say that things are familiar, however the past two times I was here at the hospital I was so sick that my memory of those visits remains very vague. I don’t remember the building or any of the facilities. The doctors, nurses and staff remember Mom and I though! I was remembered not only for being a previous patient but also for my mom’s presence as my caregiver. The doctors remembered things about me that I was just in a fog about. They remember my fear of needles, my food allergies, my likes or dislikes. Even though I was here 7 years ago, I felt comfort in that they seem to know about me as if it was yesterday. Within 3 days of being here I am already feeling the physical differences. The detoxification process starts to work immediately. I have been on so many prescriptions in the States for my thyroid, metabolism, energy, hormones, etc that the first step in the treatment process here (detoxification) is really noticeable. No one in the States has ever tried to completely cleanse my blood before starting on a treatment regimen.

CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, is a disease that remains widely unrecognized and never given any legitimacy and often considered a mental disorder rather than physical. It is only the doctors at the BioCare Hospital that found the cause and began the treatments to help me, and I already feel a difference in my body. It’s not a miracle treatment or cure but the subtle differences are there. The treatments can sometimes be painful (more on Live Cell Therapy coming soon), but I know it is a road to feeling better so I charge on. It is an amazing process that can also become somewhat emotional as the hormones that I have been on are flushed from my body. I’ve begun to see the puffiness subside and the glaze over my eyes fade. You can only imagine how your body responds when you start flushing toxins and hormones constantly ingested at home. It is amazing how just the cleansing of your body can make such a difference instead of adding additional medicine to try to make a change a symptom.

My symptoms are lessening but  not gone by any means,  all this in only a few days. In addition to cleansing my body from the inside out, the food you put in your body is also a major factor in your well being. We are very fortunate to have a skilled kitchen staff that is knowledgeable in all the major needs of its patients whether it be Gluten free , dairy free or special diets (which will be referred to later). There are patients on all kinds of different food diets for reason of illnesses, nutrient difficiencies or allergies. Those allergies by the way, if your body is properly balanced should go away by the time I leave here. A great quote from BioCare Staff…

“Food is not only the basis of energy and building materials for the body, but it is also the source of detoxification elements, immune substances and intestinal flora – all of which become the foundation of immune performance and equilibrium. A healthy body and immune system are unobtainable under poor nutritional conditions.”

Example of the nutrition at Bio Care Hospital

This Hospital means so much to me and to my family and I would like to get the message out about the Bio Care Hospital to all those great supporters of Bent But Not Broken who also suffer from CFS/ CIFIDS, Fibromyalgia, cancer, and so many other Chronic Illnesses, blood diseases, etc that have changed their lives. Bio Care Hospital and their doctors and nurses have done for me personally more than any hospital or physician has attempted in the United States in over 13 years of having this illness. Their common sense to medication and realization that at times that both Eastern and Western medicine can be used in harmony with each other achieves optimal outcomes in overall quality of life and health.

My live treatment blog has been difficult to get out on a day by day basis due to the IV’s that I have had everyday. However there will be information on the Bent But Not Broken site shortly after my return that will give locations for information that you can research for your own personal use as well as the treatments that have been of benefit to me while at the amazing Hospital.

I’m also excited to announce we are working on a partnership with Bio Care Hospital to offer supporters of Bent But Not Broken treatment discounts! In addition, the hospital’s Founder Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez will donate funds back to BBNB for every patient that comes here via our information! More details coming on that partnership soon!

Dr. Rodriguez (left)

Thank you to all of you that have been following my journey at the Bio Care Hospital. The support and interest in the information has meant a lot to me. I will be compiling more medically focused information, videos, pictures and articles written exclusively for BBNB when I return to the states and start my recovery process.

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  1. Bent But Not Broken: Lindsey

    (this comment was originally posted by Emily on 11-4-12, before we got our comment system up and running)
    Thinking about going to Biocare hospital. Wondering when this post was published and if there are any updates?

  2. bbnb

    (this comment was originally posted by Emily on 11-4-12, before we got our comment system up and running)

    Thinking about going to Biocare hospital. Wondering when this post was published and if there are any updates?


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